TRC Simulators produces a complete line of affordable realistic flight training devices. Not like most low cost flight simulators equipped with LCD screens, simulating aircraft instruments. Instead all TRC Simulators flight simulators are equipped with replicated, but realistic instruments showing no difference in size, position and functionality compared to real instruments.
Our Flight Simulator systems, from desktop system to full motions systems, are based on a Cessna 172, but can be used and certified as a generic single engine flight simulator. Depending on your requirements, these systems can be equiped with an analog panel, or with a glass cockpit panel and are up to EASA FNPT II standards.


Have you ever had the feeling that your aircraft training device doesn’t resemble the original airplane?

 TRC Simulators flight training devices are so faithfully designed, that even experienced pilots find it difficult to tell the difference between a flight simulator device produced by TRC Simulators and the original aircraft. All instruments and gauges are accurate reproductions of the originals, without concessions! Therefore you cannot only perfectly practice IFR flights, but TRC Simulators Flight Training Devices also let you make yourself familiar with operating instruments and with their position on the panel. This means more effective use of practice time and safer flight! TRC Simulators has developed an entirely new concept for the production of flight simulators. Here you can find our Flight Decks, static Flight Simulators and Full Motion Systems.


TRC Simulators b.v. also produces a line of extremely realistic flight simulator instruments, gauges and avionics for non-commercial, home-use.
With these instruments, gauges and avionics you can build the flight simulator panel of your dreams. For more information, a direct purchase or a quotation, visit our Simkits webshop.
If you want to use our instruments and gauges in a commercial flight simulator product, please contact us for a quotation.
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