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TRC Simulators will teach you how to operate an aircraft, rather than flight simulator.

“I can run any desired scenario in real time. That makes the TRC 3000 the most powerful tool I know to teach students how to fly”.


“I want my students to get the best education imaginable. Our resources are the best that money can buy. I don’t like compromises”.


“The cockpit is made identical in every detail. That makes the switch to a real plane easy. To learn to fly and maintain your license”.


The TRC3000 resembles the inside of a Cessna 172 in full detail. Every button, lever and switch is in exactly the same place, and not just displayed on a computer screen. TRC payed so much attention to detail that even the cockpit measurements are similar to the original Cessna 172 airplane.
This means whenever a student enters the TRC6000 FULL MOTION C172A simulator, the student will feel like entering an actual aircraft. However, the details don’t just end there. As you may know, the original Cessna 172 is a single engine aircraft. That’s why every TRC simulator operates as such, which makes the overall functionality, performance, avionics, and instrumentation an exact representation of the real deal.
The TRC3000 CABRIO is craftsmanship in every detail. All panel measurements are exactly the same as a Cessna 172 cockpit. This makes the TRC3000 CABRIO C172G flight simulator a perfect training device and the best way to keep your license up to date.
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Chaos within your control

Imagine flying over the Pacific Ocean, your engines are failing and above all that you’re approaching a thunderstorm. This is exactly the type of situation any instructor would want his students to be ready for.
Luckily the TRC3000 simulator is capable of simulating any type of environment, weather condition and malfunction thinkable, with just the touch of a button, real time. This gives the student the opportunity to train in any type of situation without ever being in real danger.
The possibility to record the flight, examine the students progress, and discuss their do’s and don’ts, makes a flight in any TRC simulator a very productive and meaningful experience. TRC instructor software makes simulating flights exciting for students, easy for instructors and profitable for both!


Have you ever had the feeling that your aircraft training device doesn’t resemble the original airplane?

 TRC Simulators flight training devices are so faithfully designed, that even experienced pilots find it difficult to tell the difference between a flight simulator device produced by TRC Simulators and the original aircraft. All instruments and gauges are accurate reproductions of the originals, without concessions! Therefore you cannot only perfectly practice IFR flights, but TRC Simulators Flight Training Devices also let you make yourself familiar with operating instruments and with their position on the panel. This means more effective use of practice time and safer flight! TRC Simulators has developed an entirely new concept for the production of flight simulators. Here you can find our Flight Decks, static Flight Simulators and Full Motion Systems.


TRC Simulators b.v. also produces a line of extremely realistic flight simulator instruments, gauges and avionics for non-commercial, home-use.
With these instruments, gauges and avionics you can build the flight simulator panel of your dreams. For more information, a direct purchase or a quotation, visit our Simkits webshop.
If you want to use our instruments and gauges in a commercial flight simulator product, please contact us for a quotation.
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