3 Nov 2017

TRC 472FGM 6DOF Motion flight simulator system

The TRC 472FGM 6DOF Flight System is a full replica of a Cessna 172 G1000 Glass Cockpit, including stand by instruments, placed on a 6DOF motion platform, including control loading on the dual yokes and dual rudder system. Open the door and step in you own Cessna cockpit. Everything is included. A windshield, two doors with soft pads on the inside, carpeting on the floor and behind the seats, two adjustable seats. ceiling lighting, two

7 Oct 2016

10% Discount at SimKits

At this moment we are working on a new webshop for Simkits with more functionallity and better information about our products. We expect to launch the new webshop within a week. Until that moment every item in our current Simkits webshop carries a 10% discount. This is the largest sale we ever had! To make use of this discount, please add the following coupon code in your shopping cart before checking out:

5 Nov 2014

180 Degree Visual System

This week we've launched our 180 degree visual system. For this dual channel visual system we use three full HD short throw Optoma projectors with 2.800 ANSI-lumen and a contrast ratio of 25.000 : 1. The screen material is projection cloth with a high reflectance value. The system comes with calibration- (including a laser) and stitching software and can be set-up in just a few hours (including calibration). The price for this 180 degree dual

2 Jun 2014

1000 facebook likes

We just received our 1000th like on our facebook page and we think that's absolutely awesome. Thank you for liking and sharing our page. Al the updates and news items will appear first on our facebook

18 Mar 2014

Another TRC 472FG ready to be shipped

Next to launching new websites, we are still very busy building beautiful flight simulator products for our clients. We just completed a new TRC 472FG for a client who is going to use the TRC 472FG in a private environment. As you can see, the windshield is still wrapped in protective foil, since the complete cabin will not fit through the doors in his house. Therefor the cabin needs to be partly deconstructed when shipped.

17 Mar 2014

New Website

As you've probably noticed, we've totally revamped our website. We've loaded the website with high resolution pictures of our flight systems, to give you the same wow-experience everytime we have when we step in one of our simulators. But it's not only pictures, also more technical information and brochures are available on the new website. Since the website is so called "responsive", it will work on all kind of devices, but the best experience is

22 Feb 2014

TRC Simulators Gauges and Instruments

Last week we've sent you a mailing about our TRC 472 Cabin and about the new cabin which is in development. The last few years we've seen a growing demand for complete systems. And since, we've delivered many complete systems al over the world. However, this does not mean we've lost focus on our single instruments and gauges. You can still order all TRC Simulators Gauges and Instruments to build your own custom panel. Most

20 Feb 2013

TRC Simulators Cabins

Right now we are building a batch of TRC 472F Cabins for several clients all over the world. Our aim is to have the TRC Simulators cabins available from stock starting from the end of this summer. As usual the cabins can be equiped with an analog panel, our with the TRC 1000 glass cockpit panel. And of course the cabin can also be deliverd as an empty fuselage, to add your own panel. We