Next to launching new websites, we are still very busy building beautiful flight simulator products for our clients. We just completed a new TRC 472FG for a client who is going to use the TRC 472FG in a private environment. As you can see, the windshield is still wrapped in protective foil, since the complete cabin will not fit through the doors in his house. Therefor the cabin needs to be partly deconstructed when shipped. The partly deconstructed cabin will be delivered with a very clear step-by-step manual showing how to rebuild the cabin and start flying.

The TRC 472FG is equiped with an extra variable pitch control, which normally is only used in a Cessna 182 instead of a Cessna 172. In the first picture you can see the controller boards for the Circuit Breakers, which are based on real Klixon aircraft circuit breakers. For now the TRC 472FG is equiped with single controls. but once the dual control force feed back yoke system will become available, the single controls will be replaced with the dual controls.







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