18 Mar 2014

Another TRC 472FG ready to be shipped

Next to launching new websites, we are still very busy building beautiful flight simulator products for our clients. We just completed a new TRC 472FG for a client who is going to use the TRC 472FG in a private environment. As you can see, the windshield is still wrapped in protective foil, since the complete cabin will not fit through the doors in his house. Therefor the cabin needs to be partly deconstructed when shipped.

17 Mar 2014

New Website

As you've probably noticed, we've totally revamped our website. We've loaded the website with high resolution pictures of our flight systems, to give you the same wow-experience everytime we have when we step in one of our simulators. But it's not only pictures, also more technical information and brochures are available on the new website. Since the website is so called "responsive", it will work on all kind of devices, but the best experience is