• Mark Hyde

    Looking and pricing up for our Canadian Air Cadet Squadron (909 Peregrine) based in West Kelowna B.C Canada. Our home was destroyed by a fire in 2013 and it’s been a battle to find a new one but we have done so. We only have a VERY basic set up at the moment but something like this would certainly get the cadets attention. As a sponsoring committee, it is up to us to find the funds available year on year to provide the funding necessary for trips and equipment. We have to budget and plan over summer, sponsoring drives in order to do this.

  • Ron Konings

    A dream come true…building the cabin around my 472 flightdeck now. After finishing the cabin (expected oct.2015) I go for the 180 degree visual. First delivery in the Netherlands, as was with the 472A flightdeck. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.
    This is the closest as I can get to real world flying.
    You can e-mail me for pics and experiences with this unique Dutch product.

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